Wonders of micro bubbles

This Micro Bubble Generator makes a small bubble(average size 20 micron) that is about 1/100th of the square size of a pore. (see the comparison table on right)
The process of cavitation converts 20mml of air dissolved in 1 L of tap water into micro bubbles. These micro bubbles remove dirt from pores and also remove odor and dirt from washing machines. (see the illustration on the left of a pore cleaning)
Let's look into the world of wonder that you have never seen before.

Use with a fully automated washing machine

These Micro Bubble Generators for use with washing machines can remove micro fine particles such as PM2.5 or yellow sand from deep inside of fabric which cannot be removed with just detergent.
They remove not only particulate dirt, but also remove particles that emit odor and unfresh smells when wet laundry clothes are dried indoors in rainy days.

Use with household shower head

Micro bubbles shower rake out clogged dirt in pores and stimulates hair roots, remove Nonenal and other particles which is origin of body odor.
Micro bubbles are also effective in removing nano size makeup particles which enter deeply into pores.

Use with public facility shower head

By reducing the chances of shower head clogging, micro bubble shower lowers maintenance efforts of cleanup of the shower heads in publicly used shower facilities. Furthermore, the micro bubble shower has a water-saving effect and enables reduction of water, gas and electricity bills by up to 30%.

Use with pet shops' shower head

Hairy pets' skin is easily irritated. Dogs that do not sweat cannot easily remove the dirt in their pores. They cannot easily take showers like humans. Micro bubble showers are effective for such pets. They will realize great pleasantness of micro bubbles more than humans. Micro bubbles are effective for a healing pets' skin diseases, too.

Use with shower head for hair salons

Effects of micro bubbles at hair salons are not only for making customers feel great, but also to protect hair beauty artists' hands that are used to shampooing many customers every day. Micro bubbles also provide great experience for customers.


We foresee that the usage of micro bubbles will expand into new areas such as for lawn faucets, toilets, water purification, agriculture, fish farming, etc. We are developing original products for those usages. Please contact us if there are any interests in these products.