A washing machine for home use

For automatic washing machines (the diameter of a screw of the water supply hose for washing machines are G3/4" types.)

An installation method of the Micro Bubble Generator for automatic washing machine

① Attach to the water supply mouth of a washing machine. Please check the hose form if it matches.


② Please attach after closing the faucet/water tap of a washing machine.


③ Remove the washing machine's water supply hose


④ Clean the mesh net filter which is contained in the water supply mouth


⑤ Attach to the water supply mouth of the washing machine


⑥ This is the completed final condition.

  • - The micro bubbles greatly increase the washing machine's cleaning ability just by attaching to the water supply mouth.
  • - It not only reduces dirt and the odor of laundry, but it also reduces the dirt on the reverse side of the drum of the washing machine which may have bothered you.
  • - It is most suitable for a vertically stirring type of washing machine. For a horizontal drum type with weak washing abilities, rinsing power would be increased.
  • - Since micro bubble are effective in removing particulates, it is more effective if the micro bubbles are used together with a compatible detergent.
  • - If the screw made of resin on the washing machine side is bolted tighter by force, a screw thread will damage it. Please unite correctly and slowly.

1. Various effects with a washing machine

  1. 1. Surface tension pushes out the dirt (particulates, such as PM2.5 and yellow sand) clogged between the gap of fibers which plain water is not able to enter.
  2. 2. It removes the particles which are odor-causative agents, and prevents the occurrence of unpleasant smells.
  3. 3. It is also effective for drying laundry indoors during rainy seasons.
  4. 4. By removing the dirt clogged up in the gap between fibers, elasticity returns to fibers.
  5. 5. The dirt on the reverse side of the drum of a washing machine would also be reduced.
  6. 6. The dirt inside the drainage pipe of a washing machine would also be reduced.
  7. 7. It is also effective for washing linens such as those used at a hospital.
  8. 8. A bactericidal effect can also be expected.

2. About the softener

In terms of softeners, we have observed that in some cases, the scent disappeared. In other cases, a nicer and cleaner scent appeared. It seems that the scent and how strong it is may vary depending on each softener.

3. In case of an automatic washing machine

This test used 2 tub-type washing machines. It seems that there are many differences among automatic washing machines with various functions and internal structures produced by each different manufacturer. Moreover, the effect changes also with the water's pressure and temperature.