A showerhead for a pet shop

Effects at a pet shop

1. The effects of micro bubbles are already known in the pet industry.

However, there were many owners who hesitated in adopting products on the market because of a high introductory cost.
The cost of the Micro Bubble Generator will make introducing the product into your store an easy decision.

Customer Comments
  • - I was surprised that micro bubbles occur with such a simple instrument
  • - Micro bubbles occurred in tap water like these.
  • - It is wonderful that micro bubbles come out without taking air.
  • - Although it is hard to recognize the micro bubbles with the naked eye, we now understand that it is effective.
  • - When using micro bubbles, bubble foaming is easier and the foams remove cleaner, and therefore washing time has shortened.

2. Micro bubble cleaning effects for pets

It is already known that micro bubbles have a good cleaning effect. However, it is possible to further use the properties of micro bubbles by washing in a shower while filling micro bubbles in the tank holding the pet.

Customer Comments
  • - Surely washing the pet with micro bubble water in a tank is more effective rather than washing and rinsing with a running shower water.
  • - It seems like pet odor is lessened.
  • - Pets' fur have become soft and fluffy.

3. Draining micro bubble water in a tank has been is more hygienic compared to using plain circulated water - maintenance also has become easy and the net costs could be cut down.

It is tough to maintain filters and to clean every time after washing customers' pets using micro bubble generators with a circulating water method at a store. Moreover, exchanging expendable supplies costs too .
Body hairs and dirt will go up to the water surface by a minus ion effect which occurs from micro bubble, and then will be overflown and gone by draining water through our Micro Bubble Generator. Furthermore, it would not easy to become dirty inside of the bathtub because of micro bubble action.

Customer Comments
  • - It has become very convenient and time-saving. There is no need for cleaning of water circulation equipment.
  • - Although using a circulation apparatus, it seems that dirt in the filter has decreased .
  • - Surely, I feel that the bathtub does not become dirty.

4. It contributes to reducing the roughness of a trimmers' hands too.

There are many people whose hands become rough easily with hot water during the winter, but hot water that comes from micro bubbles could reduce the roughness. Moreover, it is not necessary to use powerful detergents with micro bubbles. The effects may vary depending on individual cases, so please use it and experience it in real life.

Customer Comments
  • - Possibly because of micro bubble, my hands did not become rough this winter.
  • - Since I also use it in the bath at home, there is a synergistic effect.
  • - It's also effective as a gentle cleaner for a pet's skin disease.