A shower head for a facility

Effects at a facility containing many showers

It is comfortable even with low water pressure. Furthermore, a water-saving effect is also expectable.

1. For facilities

For facilities with showers, such as resort hotels, saunas, sports centers, pools, and students' dormitories, and for facilities with showers where water is very precious.

2. Water-saving effects

It can be difficult to encourage those who utilize facilities with showers to save water and to make them aware of the need to save water. Although it may seem plausible to set up a cheap water-saving device for users, this method is not good and uncomfortable for users and this is not the proper order of things as a service industry.
Micro Bubble Generator could make water-saving possible and, at the same time, could solve this problem.
Moreover, Micro Bubble Generator does not require any complex installation or usage instructions.

3. Micro bubble prevents dirt on a drain pipe's inner surface, and it reduces maintenance for the drain pipe.

Although micro bubbles seem to disappear in 30- 60 seconds underwater, there are some which are made into nano-bubbles and remain for a while. The effect of inhibiting the dirt of a drainage pipe's inner surface when these bubbles reside in a drain pipe was studied.