A shower head for a hairdresser

A shower head for a hair salon

It is easy to make an attachment of a shampoo shower head to a shampoo washbasin with a screw W24 x 16 TPI type as shown in the following figure. (We also have G1/2" type)


1. It is effective in reducing roughness in the hands of staff who specialize in shampooing, especially in winter!

There are many people who give up the profession of a hairdresser or barber because of rough hands. Especially in the winter, many people's hands become rough with hot water. If you use micro bubbles hot water, you could reduce your hands' roughness.
Micro bubbles would remove the dirt stuck in pores simply by shampooing, promote a regular pattern of external secretion, and help in regaining original charming skin. Furthermore, it is said that metabolism is stimulated due to the ultrasonic wave and high heat which occur when micro bubbles disappear. Although there is also individual difference, please use our product for reduction of churn due to hands' roughness of the staff specializing in shampoo.

2. Especially if you use a quality shampoo, it is worth to additionally differentiate your salon with micro bubble hot water!

Nothing is more important to a hair salon or barber shop than its staff. Even though there are many stores that use carefully selected shampoo products that are good for the hair, your store can stand out by the hot water you use. By simply attaching to the showerhead in current use, the hot tap water is transformed into high-quality hot water of micro bubbles.

A summary of the effects of the micro bubbles in a barber shop or a hair salon
  • *It reduces the roughness in the hands of the staff specializing in shampooing.
  • *It becomes easy to remove the dirt of scalp pores.
  • *It stimulates hair which has accumulated dirt and damage by the atmosphere and UV.
  • *It stimulates a normal external secretion, and helps maintain fresh scalp and skin.
  • *It is also effective for the removal of odor-causing agents (called nonenal) that tend to increase with aging as particles build up in pores, or fine contaminants (yellow sand, radioactive materials, etc.) in the atmosphere.
  • *Prevention of hair loss and an effect of hair growth facilitation are expected.
  • *You can expect the product to prevent dirt buildup in shampoo bowls.